The Self Propelled Outdoor Club



Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia

Cascade Climbers

Climers Access Society of BC

Critical Mass (World Site. Find the closest to yours... or start one in your town).

Mountain Equiptment Co-op

Ultralite Travel (good links there too)

Other Clubs:

We might be the only one! Please prove us wrong.

Other Self-Prop Sites:

Colin Angus's around the world trip!

Tim Harvey's around the world trip!

Erden Eruc website: Self-propelled accent of Denali...from Seatle. First Mt. McKinley, then the world!

UBC's Varsity Outdoor Club's (VOC) car-free section.

If you can read french, here is an interesting site. I think they have been responsible for the bulk of our Europeanvisiting the site. Merci!

Momentum Magazine:

Just Stuff Worth Seeing:

Rich So goes car-less, but not climb-less.

CheatNeutral: For those who ponder spending instead of changing.


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