The Self Propelled Outdoor Club

TRIP REPORTS FULL LIST (click for stories and photos):

NEW! Grouse Grind / BCMC Trail: August 2010

NEW! Big Tree Tour : Summer 2010

NEW! Indian Arm - Squamish Canoe & Bike Loop: Summer 2009


3rd Peak of Mt. Seymour (M. Waring): Date unknown.

555 Ride (Solo TAKE 1!): Summer 2005

666 Ride (TAKE 2!): Summer 2006

777 Ride (Squamish Backdoor Loop [3rd times a charm]): Summer 2007

Alpha Mountain (J. Addy & J. Jackson) : Summer 2006

Alpha Mountain Solo (Attempt D. McCombs): Summer

Alpha Mountain (R. Bougie): Summer 2007

Blanchard Needle (Solo by R. Bougie): Fall 2006

Bowen Island summit of Mt Gardner Spring 2009

Cathedral Mountain (first try): Spring

Cathedral Mountain (& Coliseum & Burwell & Snarg): Summer 2007

Clarke Mountain: Summer 2007

Crown Mountain: Summer 2007

Cypress Falls Boulders (Sen H.Tan): Summer 2005

Diadom (From the new Powel River Chapter) : December 2008

Indian Arm Canoe Trip: Summer 2007

Indian Arm Picnic (Bike and Canoe to Twin Island): Spring 2008

Goat Mountain (near Grouse Mt.): Summer

Goat Ridge (Disneyland MTB decent): Several summers in a row

Golden Ears (Attempt): Summer

Grainger Peak: Summer

Lighthouse Park (many routes): Always

Lynn Peak: Spring

Meslilloet Mountain: Three Summer accounts

Meslilloet Mountain: Winter

Misc. Buildings: Always

Mount Baker (USA): Summer 2007

Mount Baker (Bike&Climb Fundraiser): Spring 2008

Mount Garibaldi (Attempt): Spring

Mount Judge Howay: Summer 2006

Mount Ranier {USA} (Attempt): Summer

Mount Sproat (SPOC Whistler Chapter): Summer 2007

Rainbow Mountain (By SPOC Whistler): Winter 2008/9

Rivers Without Boarders Moves Self-propelled: Summer 2007

Siwash Rock: Summer

Stawamus Chief (Calculus Crack): Summer 2007

The Tetrahedrons: Fall

Vancouer Ski Tour (Seawall, Jericho turns): December 2008

Vienese Peak: Summer

West Lions (NE Ridge): Summer 2006

Widomaker's Arete (The Camel twice): Summer 2006/7