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Diadom: The Crown Jewel of Powel River


On Friday I set out from Vancouver for Stillwater, two ferries and 100km of riding away, on the Sunshine Coast. My objective was to meet up with friends to climb Mt. Diadem (5846 ft, 49.996892,-124.074095). Got to the farm just in time for dinner! We packed the bikes, caught up on news and got to bed late.

Just after 6am on Saturday, the four of us met at Lang Bay store. John, the only driver, went ahead to clear alders for the approach. Jeremy, Jason & I headed up by bike as far as we could -- a few solid hours of dirt road and trail riding. We got to the snowy ridge at dark after a ton of bushwhacking, ate well and slept very well.

I woke up Sunday morning with Jason wafting coffee through my bivy opening. As pleasant as that was, I must admit to feeling a great deal of trepidation about the day's climb. Our route (following the ridge between sun and shade in the above photo) required "fourth-classing" a few pitches of steep, bushy, groany rock. But as soon as I started climbing the confidence returned.

Another bushwhack out, a bomber ride out the trail, lots of dust on the road, and we were home by dark to a nice lasagna and an IPA that went down like pure joy. The next morning I got breakfast and a comfrey compress for my brutalized feet, and hit the road at 10am. Got home around 8:30 on Monday for beer and B's homemade pizza!

Some meaningless and approximate numbers: 200km total road ride; 80km total dirt ride; 20km hiking, bushwhacking & climbing.

There will be more reports from Stillwater in the future.





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