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North East Ridge of the West Lions

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Graeme had two hours of sleep after a night at the Velomutations bike party. He promises he didn't drink too much. At 4:50am I pass numerous people biking to the east side home from the same party. I am surprised that Graeme is fully loaded up and ready to go at Main and Georgia when I arrive. His eyes are blood shot.
Omar was supposed to meet us as well but when I called to wake him at 4:45 Sara says he's not home yet from the party.
Bloodshot eyes but I struggle to keep up with him as we bike over the Lions Gate Bridge. He has had coffee and I have not. I am angry at my inability to keep pace but he is very patient and kind and slows it up from time to time. I am certain that I am the older wiser one who will be full of energy at the end of the day but as it turns out he is still hammering 15hrs later.
We have a copy of Drew's trip report (Bivouac Trip ID #35) and it is perfectly accurate. No additions are needed here in terms of route info. We brought gear and it was hard to place it sometimes. Easy runout climbing with sections of bush.
Two interesting things though. There is a red rope hanging from the top of the headwall. Looks to be at least one season old. Also there are ropes now on the tourist route at the two traverses.



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