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Cathedral (Near Vancouver)

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Meet at 5am at Jay and Nola’s. Ride into the water shed on divine pavement. In here there is immaculate asphalt that rolls through the silent wood. The TV. car advert of the bike world.  At an offshoot junction back and to the left we took a logging road a short distance and stashed our bikes. 
Steep trail led up through the woods, which became snowy. I stubbornly kept my snowshoes off for as long as possible, despite my sneakers post-holing frequently. Jason somehow could walk on the crust and he adopted the status of deity.

We ascended onto the lookout, Luisa scoping cool rock walls along the way.  There had been an enormous amount of snow this season and this formed humongous cornices along the east ridge of Burwell.  We opted for bypassing these, instead of our original route which snaked a short cut under them, adding much distance and time.  We peaked out on Burwell, then descended into the Cathedral/Burwell col, then up the other side, deep and steep snow slowed our progress (not that it really needed slowing at this point).

We had anticipated descending in the darkness back to the city, though we opted against summiting in the darkness.  We bailed and cycled home in the rain not without incident. I lost a high speed, game of ‘chicken’ with a park gate.



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