The Self Propelled Outdoor Club

Trip Reports

Squamish - Indian Arm Loop

(pIctures below)

This was an unprecedented "link-up" SPOC trip where two teams went opposite directions, swapped gear, and continued on. It was a tonne of fun. The concept was to do a loop, camp out, and have fun. We split into two teams, one left by bike for Squamish, the other for Deep Cove.

Team Squamish road just past the Chief and took the Stawamus Forestry Service Road which then looped us back to the head of Indian Arm (look at a map if you are really keen. This segment of ride was much faster than anticipated. We left early (since we didn't know the login roads) somewhere between 5:30-6 AM, and arrived at Shannon Falls at about 10:30AM. This included a coffee stop at Lions Bay and was done with mountain bikes. The road to the head of Indian Arm was in good shape, almost 100% ridable, a few minor section of rougher terrain that is standard logging road stuff. We did, however, get lost for a while and accidentally ascended to the base of Mt. Habrich; I recommend bringing a map, which we neglected to do. This diversion added about 2hrs of phaff to the day. All said and done (phaff included) we rolled up to the arm about 3:30-4PM. The last 15km or so of the road was down hill and easy terrain.

Team Deep Cove, road out to the cove with all of their , and our, camping gear/food. They rented kayaks, and paddled up the arm and met us just as we pulled up. They had brought Honey's Donuts, one of the two places to get fresh homemade donuts in Vancouver.

We set camp and enjoyed a evening of fire, food, and friends.

In the morning we parted ways after Team Deep Cove swapped our bike seats out for theirs and rode off back towards where we had come from the day before. Team Squamish loaded the boats and packed up camp, paddled to Deep Cove and celebrated with more fresh donuts. We hung out in Deep Cove with some local friends and then left anticipating being able to reconnect with the bikers on the Lions Gate bridge. This worked out perfectly, and all four of us road through the sunset and into the Naam for some good eats.

I would do this trip again in a heartbeat. Plan well for the swapping of gear and bike lock keys etc. Bring a map. You don't need even numbers of participants if you think it through well.