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Cathedral: The Sufferation Tour

See the previous trip's report and pics...

This time a group of us returned to bask in the glorious green glow of the two radio towers on the top of Mt. Cathedral. Same idea and approach as before: Up the Seymour watershed, up Snarg, Coliseum, Burwell, then finally up Cathedral, then reversed; seven "summits" in all. Well, five if you don't count Snarg, which is more commonly known as the Seymour Valley Lookout. A desperate peakbagger could toss in Queen Elizabeth Park for a 8th 'summit'. Jason, Brock, Karl, and myself met at the Holiday Inn really early in the morning, road up the wonderful Seymour watershed access road; it has toilets every 100m or so. The summit and sunset were fantastic! The Reptilian and Chipmunk States came out for a visit. Damien brought enough food this time. It took about 15hrs during the springtime of 2007. This was a great trip.

Suggestions for next time:

-Bring an ice axe and helmet for everyone.

-Consider crampons (this was a particularly late and heavy snow year).

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