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Mt. Garibaldi (A super fun trip in the form of a ‘Mistake List’)

Photos & Technical Details...

Mistake #1 -The Planning Phase:
Largest group SPOC trip yet. The participation rate at very high levels; a direct relation to ones ability to move efficiently. 

Mistake #2 –Logistics:
Involve a significantly large variety of mountain skills and equipment. Bikes, Ski touring stuff, ice axes, harnesses, ropes, crampons, and pickets. One trailer!? Thanks for the wetnaps Ryan.

Mistake #3 –The meeting point (and time):
While waiting for everyone to get off work we arranged to meet across from MEC at Martini’s so as to have a comfortable locale, with the convenience of picking up any last minute rental or gear items.  Martini’s is basically a bar, this was cheap night for Long Island Ice Teas and since we were there for about 4hrs you can imagine what happened.

Mistake #4 –Leaving
It is now past 9pm and we are all drunk.
Ride to Black Mountain Parking Lot, polish off the scotch (save some for teeth brushing in morning), ‘Asleep’ by freeway at 1:30 am

Mistake #5 –Waking up
4:30am, riding by 5am, Lunchtime in Squamish.

Mistake #6 –Mamquam Rd (Diamond Head Parking Lot Rd).
This took 6hrs from Squamish, including time for Ryan to puke, and Colin to have a smoke.
Revamp approach plans and crash at the Red Heather Hut (arrive in darkness).

Mistake #6 –Exhaustion sets in
Takes entire day to get to Elphin Lakes Hut. Doesn’t really phase anyone, but Ryan decides to go back to girlfriend (no one else realizes this is probably a good idea).

Mistake #7 –Not everyone phased out.
Factions split up the vegan and non-vegan food teams. Neil (first time touring), Jesse, Paul, and Jason make summit bid.
Other faction sleeps in and practices (or learns) beacon/probe techniques. This was not a mistake.  Summit Team is turned back shortly after leaving.

Mistake #8 –Not really a mistake (actually very fun)
Return to Squamish after a 30min descent down logging road. Fantastic!
Rendezvous at Squamish Brew Pub. Mistake: Too much food and beer etc.

Mistake #9 –Leaving the Brew Pub
Though we did get a swim at Petgil Lake in Murin Park.

Mistake #10 – The Sea to Sky Highway
‘nuff said. Redeeming feature: home is at the end of it.

Mistake #11 –Repeatable
Would go back and try again as it has been long enough to forget just how hard it was.

End Synopsis: Fun had by all. Trip a success.



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