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Indian Arm Picnic

Graeme had just arrived back in town from school so we had a welcome back SPOC trip. In attendance: Damien, Rachel, Graeme, Justin, Eric, and Aliki (for the latter half). This was a great leisurely trip. Our objectives were to maximize hangout time, minimize "sufferation", eat good food, and stay below the snowline. We re-assessed our original plan of camping at Palisades Lake (well in the wet-coast zone of spring misery) and decided to opt for a cycle out to Deep Cove and go canoeing out to Raccoon and Twin Island up Indian Arm.

We started in style with a vegan pancake breakfast at Eric's house, joined by Eric and Graeme's folks. There was fresh fruit, coffee, and some awesome fruit sauce. At the crack of 11am we headed out and road our bikes over the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge onto the North Shore and into Deep Cove. There we feasted on second breakfast and leftover drinks from the previous nights house warming. Afterwards, we mustered the energy to haul the voyager canoe down to the water, but not without a large bag of Honey's Doughnuts (some of the only made fresh doughnuts in the Vancouver area [Tim Horton's 'doughnuts' are not always as fresh as suggested]).

We paddled up the Arm and soon found our lunch spot, ate again, napped, and played. Soon enough the chill of the coming eve chased us back to Aliki's home. We stowed the canoe and rode our bikes westward. The bridge revealed some stunning views as dusk fell. Another awesome day spent self-propelled. -Damien McCombs









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