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Mount Baker Fundraiser 2008


A big thank you to everyone who sponsered our trip and has therefore helped out the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition's Commuter Cycling Skills Program.

This was SPOC's first ever fundraiser and together we raised nearly $7500.00

The Skinny on the Jason Addy (More trip reports to come...)

Saturday June 28th we all (Brock Wilson, Gwendal Castellan, Melvin Suy, Tom Fortington, and Darcy McCord and me) met at my place at 5:30am. We biked to the border and then into Blaine. We met up with Jesse Jackson and Scot Borstad and had some lunch. We biked to Sumas and had some snacks. Then we biked to Glacier, Washington and had a huge pasta dinner, camping beside a nearby river.

Sunday June 29 We awoke in Glacier and biked up to the parking lot, and began hiking into base camp positioned at the side of the glacier. We settled in and had an early supper and tried to go to sleep early.

Monday June 30 2:00am we left camp and headed up the glacier roped up in two teams. Team A (Jesse leading, Tom, Melvin and me at the back) and Team B way ahead of our well paced group. At 7:00am we were on the summit just 50 hours after leaving Vancouver. The snow was soft and easy and there was only one crevase to cross. After a bit of a rest on the summit we retreated to Glacier and another pasta dinner and beers by the river.

Tuesday 1:00am Melvin and Brock try to get everyone to head for home but no one else is buying into there insane idea. 5:30am: Brock, Tom, Melvin Gwendal, Scot and Darcy bike back to Vancouver. 10:00am: Jesse and I bike to Chilliwack to meet up with Bill Andrews and head into the Chilliwack River Valley to Nesakwatch Creek. (see Centre Creek Rained Out)

The weather was hot and sunny for the entire trip. We suffered a bit from too much travel too fast and in the heat of the day but I speak for everyone when I say there are no regrets, we all had a great time. We had done a similar trips to this previously.




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