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Honorary Members

Honorary Members

There are a great many folks who deserve to be Honorary SPOC Members; these are but a few. Got suggestions? Let us know.

Vance Culbert and the late Guy Edwards for "shunning helicopters and all other forms of the combustible engine including cars when possible. One such excursion was when Guy and Vance Culbert climbed the northwest summit of Mt Waddington from their homes in Vancouver. They sea kayaked up Bute Inlet and skied the 55-mile wilderness approach to the peak."

Unidentified youth under the instruction of Chief Joe Capilano for the first recorded, self-propelled, speed accent of the West Lion in 1889. Obviously most every area has been explored by First Nations people well before anyone else showed up.

Cliffe and Betty Clarke (namesake of Clarke Mountain), with their daughters aged 10 & 13, hiked from Harrison Lake to Stave Lake via the Chehalis for recreation. July 1940 from Harrison Lake, 20 mile point, via Statlu Lake to Stump Lake, ascending to 5,000 feet during the process.

The late Göran Kropp cycled from his home in Sweden to Everest, climbed everest, then returned by bicycle to his home! Read at Wikipedia.


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