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*New Additions in Trip Reports*

Updated August 2010

*NEW* BIG TREE TOUR FUNDRAISER Features SPOC Victoria President:

Over $4000.00 Raised! You can still donate!

About Ancient Rainforest Alliance..

Trip Blog...

*UPDATED* Cool criss-cross, gear swapping, bike'n'paddle up Indian Arm adventure.

Updated: Pictures and details here.

*NEW* SPOCumentary: SPOC Vancouver

CBC's Monet Blanchet, a SPOC newbie, does an interesting ride-along documentary.

Read about it...

*LINK BROKEN* Watch the documentary (about 6mins)... *LINK BROKEN*

*NEW* Unplug this Blog!, and cleverly titled blog article by SPOC's very own Nola Poirier

Read our article "Self-propelled summer trips don't have to be grueling"

*CLASSIC* Intro page midi-themed animation.

This little animation has welcomed people for years. Until it moves into the media section, it will live here.

Thanks for the soundtrack Beck.

*NEW* Westworld covers SPOC: We are clearly so hot that the automobile associations want a piece of the action.

*NEW* Self-Propelled Speed Ascent of Grouse Grind

Read about it in trip reports...


$7500.00 RAISED for how-to-ride-in-the-city course subsidies!

About V.A.C.C. and the SPOC Fundraiser...

Pictures and Trip report...

If you think like the idea of this, you might be a SPOCer.

*New Additions in Trip Reports*

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